Walking the Dog

Yibbedy Yabbedy Mongledeeboo
If you’re all like me, this’ll ring true

You get up in the morning, shit shower and shave
then rush to the office where you work like a slave
Kowtow to the boss like he’s some kind of god
Not for the money or the fear of the rod
It’s more like an aura that glows in his wake
Makes you want him be happy, when he’s not, you quake
You follow his orders like they’re written in blood
All for his glory while you trudge through the mud
Hauling a load that you’ve willingly borne
Forgetting that merit oft merits but scorn

You’d sell off your mother or your dog in a blink
For a sign of approval, a nod or a wink
Comfort for sorrow in these times of duress
Your deepest desire : to get out of this mess
To shed the duplicity that weighs on your soul
For a tale of deception where you play the lead role
This life of servility that you call a career
Has shackled you fast, but the truth is, I fear
That the chances you’ve had of shedding your chains
You’ve left on the shelf thus your sentence remains

Put your pride on the line, look me straight in the eye
Admit to the truth that you’re buried in lies
Hopeless and shamed for this state of affairs
High time you changed posture and rose from your chair
It’s never too late, wipe the slate, shed your fears
The future awaits those whose courage is clear
First steps are the steepest, so stiffen your gut
The road’ll be smoother when you’re out of the rut

Here’s a toast to your journey, a balm for your heart
A phrase to mull over : t’was there from the start
In case you’ve forgotten, I’ll repeat it anew
Yibbedy Yabbedy Mongledeeboo

Industrial Designer and Educator with a passion for photography.

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